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You won’t hear us talk much about the latest digital marketing acronyms and jargon, like conversion rate optimization, brand humanity, marketing funnel, SEO, CRM, inbound marketing, CX or indeed UX design.

At Marketevolver, we just concentrate on your business and what is the best and simplest way to bring you closer to your clients.

Why? Because this will help you understand them better and as a result you will be able to increase your business with them, over the long term.

Digital Marketing

An effective digital strategy is crucial to most B2B companies, as it helps build your relationship with your prospects and customers. Marketevolver works with you to find the best communications platforms for your business network. Then we will help you develop client databases as well as guiding you to deliver clear and consistent messages more effectively, through channels such as:

  • Website, mobile and app development
  • Social media and networking platform and advertising appraisal
  • Content marketing development, newsletters and blog strategies

B2B Marketing

Technology has made B2B marketing far more effective than ever before, because it also helps you understand your clients thinking from your first introduction, to assessing their needs, onto making a personalised proposal to win their trust and business. Critically, we then support you to ensure that you keep those hard-earned clients and ultimately engage them enough to increase their spend with you.

  • E commerce strategies, integration and implementation
  • Database development and subscription model execution
  • Data collection
  • Market research
  • Effective e mail campaigns
  • Sales promotions

Customer retention and interaction

Customer experience is an integral part of marketing and the reason why it’s so important is because a customer who has a positive experience, is more likely to become a repeat and loyal client.

Nowadays there are some excellent client relationship (CRM) software that can really make a difference to B2B sales, unfortunately a lot of companies have a problem using these programmes effectively.

Marketevolver has worked with many systems and we can help you choose the best one for your business. After that we integrate it into your current IT platforms and then we will communicate the benefits effectively to your team for a successful implementation.

CRM software examples: Salesforce, Pipedrive and Zoho

Effective E commerce

E commerce is growing dramatically even in the B2B world and if your clients trust and feel comfortable using your e commerce site, they are more likely to keep buying your products.

Ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience comes down to clean navigation, logical product categories and descriptions, good product images and critically a simple check out payment process.

Once this is achieved you can really go to town on sales promotions, voucher incentives and data mining programmes that are inexpensive and can drive your business revenues.

Marketevolver has helped our clients in all of these areas and we would be happy to assist you.

Improve your return on investment or ROI

Measuring your marketing investment is crucial, but it is often just a calculation of sales growth, minus marketing cost.

However, if you follow some important steps, clearly define your goals and set quantifiable benchmarks throughout the sales process, you can increase the payback ROI far more effectively and gain a real understanding of where your marketing buck goes.

It will help you find bottle necks in your sales system or see important customer segments that will help you to create successful new products. Either way you will gain a far better understanding of your ROI.

Business transformation

Business Transformation can fundamentally change the systems, processes, people and technology across your whole business, and it should improve your value proposition to your customers, as well as bringing measurable improvements in efficiencies to your internal performance.

However, this is a journey that can challenge even the most experienced management teams and IT departments, because it requires input from across the business – it is an exercise in collaboration.

We have worked with several companies who have found that it was better to engage Marketevolver to focus on the key transformation issues and keep the whole project on track, while they were able to concentrate on their core business.