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Bringing you closer to your clients

Market Evolver is a Martech consultancy, who help companies build integrated marketing and technology platforms, that create an effective bridge between a company’s strategy and their client’s user experience.

Market Evolver are a collaboration of Steven Tracy and Don Rider’s many years of business and project management experience in Technology, Marketing and establishing the Strategy of B2B companies, to ensure that our clients prosper from the opportunities available in today’s connected marketplace.

We have worked with large corporations, such as British American, Tobacco, Kroll Associates and Invest HK and a wide range of SME’s including, several law firms, recruitment consultants, traditional and digital media houses, as well as start-ups and Fintech companies.


Helping our clients grow their business is fundamental to our service and an important way to achieve this is bringing our clients closer to their customers through marketing and sales.

Customer strategy and segmentation

Bringing an outside perspective can help clients understand customer needs and perceptions and identify actionable segmentation, such as product and category management, along with packaging and pricing initiatives,

Sales management and channel efficiency

Analysing the entire sales process to identify targeted, customized solutions and operational improvements, such as with CRM database development and e commerce opportunities.

Marketing and brand strategy

After aligning marketing and brand strategy with sales plans, Marketevolver focusses on ensuring that it also delivers profitable return on your investment and builds a loyal customer base. Often our evaluation will involve creating sustainable data capture processes and big data analysis.

Digital Marketing

An effective digital strategy is crucial to most B2B companies as they help building your relationship with your customers. Marketevolver helps you to develop your network and deliver clear, concise and consistent messages more effectively through channels such as:

  • Social media and networking platforms
  • Client and in-house newsletters
  • Digital and traditional advertising
  • e Commerce strategies, integration and implementation
  • Website and App development and UX design


Technology is an integral part of any modern business but can be difficult and expensive to design, implement and manage, especially for a company that can't justify the expense of a full time IT department. Market Evolver can assist you in with a wide range of services.


We have over 25 years of providing IT management services and working with vendors and partners to ensure all your technology requirements are met. We can assist you through Project Management, Budgeting, Vendor Selection, Procurement, Staff Recruitment and Training.


An IT policy is important regardless the size of your company. It insures people know what the company requirements are and is vital to business continuity. Auditing and Compliance to ensure the polices are followed have commercial and statutory ramifications. We can help you with all aspects of these key components such as IP, Privacy, Security, Pentest, Forensics, Scoping, Specification

Application Development

We have a very broad range of development skills and can work with nearly any platforms, systems, languages or frameworks you require. Some of what we can offer are:

  • Database Development/Management
  • Multiple Platforms: Web, Mobile, Desktop.
  • Off the shelf software integration
  • Latest technologies: Cloud/Private Cloud, Mobile first, ECS/Collaborative Software/Groupware, etc
  • Wide range of languages: C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, VB
  • Legacy Modernization, Legacy Systems/Languages (ADA, Algol, COBOL, FORTH, Fortran, LISP, Modula, Pascal, Perl etc)


How you define your business strategy will determine the direction and ultimate success of your business. A clear, focussed and realistic strategy is more likely to help you achieve your business goals.


It is important to realise that you do not have to be the market leader to compete successfully, but you do need to be able to focus on your company’s strengths to differentiate from your competitors. Market Evolver can help you formulate these through:

  • Business process analysis
  • Identifying organizational goals
  • Sales & marketing business plans
  • Information technology strategy


Turning strategies and plans into effective actions will determine whether you will accomplish your strategic objectives and goals. As a result, implementing your strategic plan is just as important as your strategy.

  • Resource allocation and structure
  • Strategy evaluation and control
  • Internal communication process
  • Tracking progress and measuring success


Business and strategic business plans should not be set in stone and should be an evolving document identifying vision, objectives, needs and resources of your business. Market Evolver can help you write your original plan or help with specific specialised areas such as IT risk management, digital and social marketing.

  • Business plan assistance
  • Compliance & Policy
  • Evaluation