Case Study - UI Design Improves The Bottom Line


We worked with a subscription based online classroom product, designed for teaching Mandarin and used in hundreds of schools around the world. Being a classroom product, there was a separate section on the site for teachers’ class administration. Here they could check and score children’s class work, give out assignments and review student performance over time with school, class and individual student reports.


Unfortunately, the original teacher’s section was in practice so cumbersome and confusing to navigate, that most teachers ignored the section. This resulted in teachers contacting the company directly to request help.
These constant client requests placed far too much strain on available company resources, reduced the profitability of running the classroom and resulted in a poor renewal rate of subscriptions.


After reviewing the company customer services feedback, we designed and programmed a new teacher’s section entirely focused on the needs of the school teachers. To improve the UX design we set out specific rules:


Teacher’s bought into using the section across board: